Leo and Me (partially found Canadian sitcom; late 1970s)

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Promotional image for the show, featuring Brent Carver and Michael J. Fox.

Status: Partially Found

Leo and Me is a Canadian sitcom filmed in the late 1970s, but wasn't properly aired until 1981. The series is notable for being actor Michael J Fox's acting debut. The series stars Brent Carver as Leo Romano, a former Italian adventurer, and Michael J. Fox as Jamie Romano, his orphaned nephew. The show also infamously had four people involved with the show, including Fox and director Don Williams, being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.


The series is very hard to find, with no episodes available online to watch nor any home media releases. The series aired on the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) in the early 80s, with two seasons with twelve supposed episodes. The only footage of this show online is available in the form of a few small clips available on YouTube, but CBC probably has it in its vault somewhere.

List of Known Episodes

Newspaper article on the show.
  • Title Unknown (series debut): Leo wins a yacht from an amazing poker player, but the boat comes with a huge mortgage and no engine.
  • Dancing Fools: When both Jamie and Leo enter the same disco dancing contest, this results in friction at home and Jamie threatens to leave home.
  • Nice Italian Girl: Jamie finds it amusing when a local girl falls for Leo.
  • Private Lessons: A tutor is hired for Jamie but she’s more interested in Leo.
  • Live a Little: When Leo’s brother-in-law turns 50, he decides it’s time to spice up his life. The results are comedic and temper-flaring.
  • The Big Time: The yacht is in danger of being taken away until Jamie lands a job advertising peanut butter.
  • Title Unknown: Jamie becomes a little hellion, skipping Mass and running mice races in the auditorium. Rocco predicts the boy’s future and makes threats in order to straighten him out.
  • Title Unknown: Leo’s ex-girlfriend arranges to meet her current boyfriend on Leo’s yacht. Trouble arises when it is revealed her current boyfriend is a mafia boss who is about to be deported.
  • Title Unknown: Leo comes to Jamie’s rescue when he gets into trouble while panhandling.


Clip from one of the episodes of the show.
Collection of clips from various Michael J. Fox documentaries.

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