Let's Go Quintuplets! (partially found English dub of anime series)

Let's Go Quintuplets!
Title screen for the series.
Title screen for the series.
Status Partially Found

Go! Go! Itsutsugo Land is a comedy anime about the adventures of five completely different quintuplets. It aired in Japan on TBS between 2001 and 2002.

An English dub of the anime was produced by The Ocean Group[1] as Let's Go Quintuplets!. The English version aired in at least New Zealand on TV2.[2] Other countries dubbed the dub to their own languages, because of that we known the segment titles of the first twelve episodes as the Russian dub didn't change the title cards.

All 50 episodes were dubbed[3][4] with each episode consisting of two segments. The first two episodes were released on an dual audio European Spanish DVD. Only 16 out of 100 segments have been found, with one of the found segment missing the beginning.

Found segments

  • Playlist of segments uploaded by Austin Miller on YouTube
    • 3a - The Shopping Mall Model (beginning missing)
    • 15a - A Place of My Own
    • 17a - The Big Race
    • 19a - Doggone Dog
    • 19b - A Helping Hand
    • 20a - Krystal Storms The Stage
    • 21a - A Girl's Best Friend
    • 21b - What're Friends For?!
    • 22a - Grampa Comes To Visit!
    • 22b - Six Goes On A Date!
    • 25b - Krystal's Best Friend?
    • 27a - Brave Prince Karl
    • 27b - Mona's Revenge!

Voice actors

  • Sharon Alexander
  • Don Brown
  • Noel Callahan
  • Gabe Khouth
  • Danny McKinnon
  • Scott McNeil - Jack Miller
  • Colin Murdock
  • Nicole Oliver - Ms. Carruthers
  • Tabitha St. Germain - Krystal Miller
  • Chantal Strand - Vanessa, Bridget
  • Venus Terzo
  • Cathy Weseluck - Harold Miller
  • Jillian Michaels - Matthew, Mermaid (episodes 9, 48)
  • Michael Coleman - Leroy Green (episode 24)


  • James McLeod was responsible at TBS for the successful production and licensing of Let’s Go Quintuplets! to Fox Kids.[5]
  • Diana Gage - Supervising producer
  • Geoffrey Rosen - Production coordinator
  • Keith A. Goddard - Audio post production supervisor
  • Heather Nevin - Video editor, Video on-line
  • Leland Miller - Video on-line
  • Kevin Tokarsky - English adoption
  • Interpacific Productions, Randi Riediger - Casting
  • Kevin Stremlaw, Traci Stremlaw, David Iris - Theme song

External links


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  5. https://jp.linkedin.com/in/tojamesmcleod




9 months ago
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I found the intro....



9 months ago
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That link was already in the article...


9 months ago
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Sorry about that... I will look carefully next time lol


9 months ago
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I run the Austin Miller channel, and I'm looking at putting the rest of my collection on DVD (and subsequently Youtube) over the coming days. Episodes I have include 3a (with the beginning missing), 3b, 15a, 16 through 25 and 27.

Additionally, the Italian version (available in full here: https://www....ns/playlists ) is dubbed from the English version, and that seems to include all 100 segments, so I suspect the missing one is just missing from the French dub for some reason rather than the English dub, although I could be wrong.


9 months ago
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Thanks for your efforts! I'm very thankful! :)

Ah yes, you're right I'll removed that part.
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