Life After People (partially found uncut CGI of History television series; 2008-2010)

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Intro for Season 1 episode "The Bodies Left Behind".

Status: Partially Found

Life After People is a documentary which details what might happen should humanity suddenly become extinct, examining the fate of towns and cities, and Earth's ecological systems following the species' disappearance. Originally a two-hour special broadcast on 21st January, 2008,[1] two seasons would also be broadcast on History from 2009 to 2010. The show utilised CGI to illustrate the decoy and collapse of various buildings and structures. Since the show aired, some CGI in the form of uncut animation, composites, and matte paintings has been released by the show's artists and animators.


To illustrate the fate of humanity's towns and cities in a post-human world, Life After People's producers enlisted a number of artists and animators to produce CGI imagery and animation of decaying landscapes. Known contributors include A&Ephotos,[2] Subliminal Artist Productions,[3] Patrick L. Almanza,[4][5] and Craig Edwards. Based on Almanza's website, contributors would be given plates of certain areas and instructed to age the surrounding location as if it had been abandoned for decades and centuries. For example, Manza was given a photo of Shanghai, which was then edited to showcase its decay over 50 years, including by having the square be flooded by around 7 feet of water. These plates would often be converted into CGI composites, to illustrate aspects like flooding or a collapsing structure.[6]

Most of the imagery for the film was relatively complete by December 2007 according to A&Ephotos. Whereas most of art would ultimately be featured in the film or in one of the series' episodes, some ended up being partially or fully cut from the final product. For example, Manza's illustration of the Independence Hall would be exclusively used as a backdrop during the fall of the Liberty Bell in the episode "Bound and Buried",[7] while a Subliminal Artist Productions image of Tower Bridge would not be used at all, although a decaying and collapsing version of the bridge would make cameo appearances throughout the show.


Since the show aired, some have uploaded imagery and uncut animation of their works. In December 2007, A&Ephotos uploaded several of their works, while on 11th March, 2018, Edwards uploaded a video showcasing uncut animation for the show, most notably for the Statue of Liberty and Big Ben. Manza and Subliminal Artist Productions also added some of their works to their respective websites. Additionally, some imagery has also been added to Life After People's IMDB page, including three that detail Houston prior to humanity's disappearance, 20-100 years after people, and 200 years after people. Ultimately however, less than 25% of the uncut imagery and animation for Life After People has been publicly released.




Craig Edwards' composite collection.

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