Lionel Great Railway Adventures "Journey of The Jupiter" (found LeVar Burton narration audio of children's book; 1998-2000)

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Journey of the Jupiter.JPG

An image of the tape.

Status: Found

Date found: Oct 2014

Found by: Nijabodin, TheYargonaut

The Lionel Great Railway Adventures was a series of children's books put out by Lionel and Learning Curve Publishing. They were written by Lin Oliver and were released from 1998 to 2000 with audio narration by LeVar Burton. The series consisted of six books in total, each with its own audio tape and even a toy train that coincided with each book.

In 2013, five out of six narrations ("The Daylight Limited", "The President Express", "The Torpedo Run", "The Mighty Mogul", and "Beezy's Big Boy") had been uploaded to YouTube by user TheYargonaut. The fifth book in the series, Journey of the Jupiter, was the only one missing the original narration due to its apparent rarity. That book's narration was still lost until it was found by user Njlabodin on the Lost Media Wiki in October 2014 and uploaded by TheYargonaut.


Journey of the Jupiter narration.

The entire series of books and audio tapes.

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