Little Lulu (found ABC Weekend live-action special based on comic strip; 1978)

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A still of the episode.

Status: Found

Date found: 26 Oct 2016

Found by: VHS Land of Videos

ABC Weekend Special: Little Lulu was a 1978 half-hour live-action special that was based on the Little Lulu comic strip. It was directed by Arthur Lubin and originally aired on November 4th, 1978. The episode had a sequel called The Big Hex of Little Lulu which was aired a year later.

The special was a rare occurrence at the time in that it was a live-action adaptation of a comic strip. It starred child actress Lauri Hendler in the titular role and co-starred Beverly Archer, Eddie Singleton, Nancy Kulp, Robbie Rist, Billy Jayne, and Tim Reid among others. The only known aspect of the story is that it took place at a summer camp called Whackadoo.



ABC Weekend Special: Little Lulu.


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