Mr. Men (partially found rescored versions of 1975-1976 animated series; 1983)

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The franchise's logo.

Status: Partially Found

The Mr. Men series was a 1975 animated TV series based on the book series of the same name by Roger Hargreaves and aired on BBC1. The voices were provided by the late Arthur Lowe.[1]

When the 1983 Little Miss series initially aired, each episode was paired with a Mr. Men episode, with an interlude song in between the two stories. In addition, new music was composed for the Mr. Men segments, likely done to match up with the music for the Little Miss episodes. The pairings aired on BBC1's children's block, See-Saw, from 1983 to 1986, then on BBC1's "Children's BBC" block in 1987 and finally on BBC2 in 1988.


All home video releases of the Mr. Men stories have their original music, rendering most of the rescored versions lost. 'Mr. Forgetful' was the first episode fully found with its rescore, albeit with very poor quality audio. Two better quality recordings of the 1983 Mr. Men theme, one from an airing of 'Mr. Greedy', surfaced later on. Additionally, the last few seconds of 'Mr. Tickle' were uploaded onto YouTube by YouTube user Sticky tape "n" rust. He unfortunately threw out the tape.

Later, the intro to 'Mr Bump' was uploaded onto YouTube and upon request from a YouTube user, the full episode was uploaded.


Title Paired with Status
Mr. Tickle Little Miss Tiny Partially Found
Mr. Silly Little Miss Shy Lost
Mr. Jelly Little Miss Splendid Lost
Mr. Daydream Little Miss Magic Lost
Mr. Forgetful Little Miss Naughty Found (poor audio)
Mr. Chatterbox Little Miss Neat Lost
Mr. Greedy Little Miss Bossy Lost (Intro exists)
Mr. Happy Little Miss Plump Lost
Mr. Bounce Little Miss Scatterbrain Lost
Mr. Mean Little Miss Late Lost
Mr. Impossible Little Miss Trouble Lost
Mr. Fussy Little Miss Helpful Lost
Mr. Bump Little Miss Sunshine Found


Little Miss interlude song and the 1983 Mr. Men theme.

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