Little Miss and Mr. Men (partially found original broadcast of paired animated series; 1983)

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Little Miss Mr Men vhs.jpg

Back of the VHS cover for Little Miss Trouble and Friends featuring Mr. Men.

Status: Partially Found

The Little Miss series was a 1983 animated TV series based on the book series of the same name by Roger Hargreaves and aired on BBC1. The voices were provided by Pauline Collins and John Alderton (the latter of who also narrated the series). The series premiered on February 14, 1983.

For the original airings, each Little Miss episode was paired with an episode of the 1975 television adaption of the Mr. Men series, with an interlude song in between the two stories. In addition, new music was composed for the Mr. Men segments, likely done to match up with the music for the Little Miss ones. The credits sequence was also different from the more familiar one. The Little Miss stories were released on their own on home video, curiously with the interlude song playing before the credits. All home video releases of the Mr. Men stories have their original music, rendering most of the original airings lost. Out of all the pairings, "Little Miss Naughty and Mr. Forgetful" is found and can be viewed below (albeit in poor quality, in video and audio).



"Little Miss Naughty" and "Mr. Forgetful"