Lock Up Your Daughters (lost Bela Lugosi horror film; existence unconfirmed; 1959)

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Bela Lugosi in 1912.

Status: Existence Unconfirmed

Lock Up Your Daughters was a supposed horror film starring the famous horror star Bela Lugosi. It seems to have been released in 1959 (3 years after Lugosi died) and been lost to time, but due to there only being an extremely small amount of evidence on the film's existence, it is debated on whether the film is lost or is just nonexistent.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Due to there being an extensive lack of info on Lock Up Your Daughters, there is not an official word on the plot of the film. One review of the film states that the plot of the film involved an evil (or "vampiric") doctor (Lugosi) doing evil experiments on women in an attempt to bring his dead wife back to life. The review also claimed that clips from Lugosi's previous films were included in the film.

But, there are also reports that the film showed Lugosi as a host who would show clips from his older films, and some also state that cash would be given to audience members if they could guess the correct film as to which a clip was from.[1]

Other Info[edit | edit source]

From the film's existing information, the film appears to have been produced by a man named E.J. Fancey, and the film seems to have a short running time of 50 minutes.[1]

The only existing info on the film is from The Kinematograph Weekly newspaper. Other than that, there is almost no concrete info on the film anywhere else, and even the film did exist, it seems to have never even gotten a release at all.[2]

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