Long Walk to Forever (lost short film; 1987)

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Photograph of Kurt Vonnegut.

Status: Lost

Long Walk to Forever is a 1987 short film based on a short story by Kurt Vonnegut and it is about a soldier who leaves the army and hitch-hikes home to propose to a girl he has fallen in love with.[1]It is known for being the first film role for comedian Denis Leary and was co-written by Vonnegut himself.[2]

Despite the fact that both Vonnegut and Leary were involved, the movie doesn't seem to have any available copies on the Internet or elsewhere, making it incredibly hard to find for people who might have wanted to see it either to see Leary's debut or if they were Vonnegut fans. Leary would later gain fame after ranting about R.E.M. for an MTV sketch in the 1990s.


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