Looney Tunes "Fish Tales" (found redrawn colorized version of animated short; 1968)

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Title card of the short.

Status: Found

Date found: 07 Dec '17

Found by: ChupaX

Fish Tales is a 1936 American animated short film directed by Jack King, starring Porky Pig. The film's score was composed by Norman Spencer.


Porky's going fishing, but his boat careens out of control. He finally settles in and quickly catches several fishes, then falls asleep with his line in the water. While he sleeps, a fish catches a dream version of Porky and takes him home to the fish's family. Porky narrowly escapes, but has run-ins with other marine life, only to awaken and throw his catch back.


Although the black and white version of the short is available online, the colorized 1968 version of this short couldn't be found.

The original evidence of its existence was a website which covers different redrawn cartoon shorts and screenshots of the short.

Although the short had aired on channels in the 1980s, including Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network, seemingly nobody owned a film copy of it or recorded it on VHS when it aired on TV.

On December 7, 2017, the short was found by Myspleen user ChupaX. The short was then uploaded on archive.org.[1]


Opening of "Fish Tales".

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