Loveless (lost unreleased songs from My Bloody Valentine album; early 1990s)

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Loveless album art.

Status: Lost

My Bloody Valentine's second studio album, Loveless, had a long, troublesome production. Having gone through 19 producers, 11 major studios, and more than two years straight in production time, including an incident involving the computers holding the songs that threw the songs' instrumental tracks out of order, it had a lot of recorded material from its sessions. Including the album itself, there were 2 EPs that used material from these recording sessions that were released: Tremolo and Glider.

Insistent on using every single piece of finished material in order to recoup the funds to record the album, Creation Records planned on releasing two additional EPs. Thinking the material was far too weak for release, the band held onto the master tapes and refused to hand them over. Somehow avoiding a lawsuit for contract violations, the band was simply dropped from Creation (who were horrified from the dramatic production involved). The EPs were kept a secret until an article from Melody Maker Magazine confirmed them.[1]

Despite the high demand for the tracks, they have never surfaced. The band is still not proud of them. Even when MBV re-issued much of their discography, the tracks were left unissued.

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