Luiz de Barros (partially found films from Brazilian director; 1916-1977)

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Filmmaker Luiz de Barros.

Status: Partially Found

Luiz de Barros was a Brazilian filmmaker and theater director. He began his artistic activities in Europe, more precisely in France, Switzerland and Italy. He studied in Milan, attending painting and scenography courses. In France he visited old studios, watching film shootings.[1]

His first film was "A Viuvinha" from 1916, which he himself destroyed, dissatisfied with the final result of the film. In 1929 he created the "Sincrocinex" system, with which the first Brazilian sound film "Acabaram-se os Otários" was made, starring the already famous actor Genésio Arruda, and the Italian Tom Bill, pseudonym of Loris Giraud.

In 1978 he released the book "Minhas Memórias de Cineasta", where he talks about his experience working in cinema. The book was released by publisher Artenova, in partnership with Embrafilme, and organized by critic and filmmaker Alex Viany.[2] Barros' last film was "Ele, Ela, Quem?" recorded in 1977, but released years later, in 1980.

In his long career, Luiz de Barros was the most prolific of Brazilian filmmakers, having made comedies, carnival and musical films and adaptations of literary and theatrical works, in short, of all genres.[3]


Research indicates that Luiz de Barros directed more than 265 films, 105 feature films and 160 short films. Only 106 films are known, including films that Barros helped produce and not including canceled films, implying that at least 158 films are unknown.

Of all 106 known films, only 35 have survived. However, countless images, fragments and scripts from lost films have survived.

Hei de Vencer

In 2023, in the documentary "Anésia - Um Voo no Tempo" fragments of an unknown fiction film about airplanes were found. After an analysis, it was concluded that the fragment belonged to Hei de Vencer. Due to the discovery of the fragments, Hei de Vencer is Barros' oldest film with known fragments.

List of Films

Note: Due to the fact that some films have an unknown date, it is possible that the list is not in chronological order.

Year Name Literal Translation Original Airdate Status
1916 A Viuvinha The Little Widow None Lost
1916 Perdida Lost October 16, 1916 Lost
1916 Vivo ou Morto Dead or Alive December 14, 1916 Lost
1918 Zero-Treze Zero-Thirteen January 1, 1918 Lost
1918 Amor e Boemia Love and Bohemia September 26, 1918 Lost
1918 A Derrocada The Debacle Unknown Lost
1919 Alma Sertaneja Country Soul April 24, 1919 Lost
1919 Ubirajara - June 20, 1919 Lost
1919 Iracema - None Non-Existent
1920 Coração de Gaúcho Heart of Gaucho April 26, 1920 Lost
1920 A Joia Maldita The Cursed Jewel October 2, 1920 Lost
1920 Aventuras de Gregório Adventures of Gregório Unknown Lost
1922 O Cavaleiro Negro The Black Knight January 15, 1923 Lost
1922 O Exército Brasileiro The Brazilian Army Unknown Lost
1922 O Rio Grande do Sul The Rio Grande do Sul Unknown Lost
1922 Sacadura Cabral e Gago Coutinho no Rio de Janeiro Sacadura Cabral and Gago Coutinho in Rio de Janeiro Unknown Lost
1923 Romeu e Julieta Romeo and Juliet Unknown Lost
1923 Augusto Aníbal Quer Casar Augusto Aníbal Wants to Get Married September 1923 Lost
1923 A Capital Federal The Federal Capital November 10, 1923 Lost
1924 Rosa de Sangue! Blood Rose None Lost
1924 A Revolução de 1924 The Revolution of 1924 Unknown Found
1924 Amor de Apache Apache Love June 16, 1924 Lost
1924 Vocação Irresistível Irresistible Vocation June 17, 1924 Lost
1924 O Adultério The Adultery June 22, 1924 Lost
1924 O Homem Mosca The Fly Man (parody of Safety Last!) None Existence Unconfirmed
1924 Hei de Vencer I'm Going to Win November 24, 1924 Partially Found
1925 Quando Elas Querem When They Want April 18, 1925 Lost
1925 O Flagelo da Humanidade The Scourge of Humanity Unknown Lost
1925 Pedras Altas High Stones Unknown Lost
1925 Rio Pitoresco Picturesque River Unknown Lost
1926 Depravação Depravity Unknown Lost
1927 A Casa de Santos Dumont The House of Santos Dumont Unknown Lost
1927 Venenos da Humanidade Poisons of Humanity None Lost
1928 Operação Cesariana Caesarean Operation Unknown Found?
1928 Operação do Estômago Stomach Operation Unknown Lost
1928 Criação de Cavalos Horse Breeding Unknown Lost
1928 Estradas do Brasil Roads of Brazil None Existence Unconfirmed
1928 Pitoresco da Costa Picturesque of the Coast Unknown Lost
1929 Acabaram-se os Otários No More Idiots September 2, 1929 Partially Found
1929 Uma Encrenca no Olimpo Trouble on Olympus None Lost
1929 O Emigrante The Emigrant None Existence Unconfirmed
1929 Meia Volta, Volver Half Turn, Return None Existence Unconfirmed
1929 Tudo Pelo Seu Amor All For Your Love None Existence Unconfirmed
1929 O Amor Não Traz Vantagens The Love Doesn't Bring Advantages September 14, 1929 Lost
1929 A Juriti The Juriti Unknown Partially Found
1929 Casa de Caboclo Caboclo's House Unknown Partially Found
1929 Baianinha - Unknown Partially Found
1929 Como Se Gosta How You Like It Unknown Partially Found
1929 Palhaço Clown Unknown Lost
1929 Feijoda - Unknown Partially Found
1929 Cidades de Veraneio Veraneio Cities Unknown Lost
1930 Messalina - April 21, 1930 Partially Found
1930 Lua de Mel Honeymoon April 21, 1930 Lost
1930 O Babão The Babão January 12, 1931 Partially Found?
1930 Minha Mulher Me Deixou My Wife Left Me Unknown Lost
1930 Sobe o Armário Climb the Closet Unknown Lost
1930 Tom Bill Brigou com a Namorada Tom Bill had a fight with his Girlfriend Unknown Lost
1931 Tango do Amor Tango of Love Unknown Lost
1931 Alvorada de Glória Dawn of Glory November 16, 1931 Partially Lost
1935 Alô! Alô! Brasil Hello! Hello! Brazil February 4, 1935 Partially Found
1935 Carioca Maravilhosa Wonderful Carioca June 11, 1935 Found
1936 O Jovem Tataravô The Young Great-Great-Grandfather September 14, 1936 Found
1936 Pulo do Nove Nine Jump None Existence Unconfirmed
1937 O Samba da Vida The Samba of Life October 25, 1937 Found
1937 O Palhaço The Clown None Existence Unconfirmed
1938 Tererê Não Resolve Tererê Doesn't Solve March 5, 1938 Found
1938 Maridinho de Luxo Luxury Husband August 8, 1938 Found
1938 Alma e Corpo de Uma Raça Soul and Body of One Race November 14, 1938 Found
1939 Hangar Caquot N.1 - Unknown Lost
1939 Poeta do Morro Poet of the Hill Unknown Lost
1939 Serviço Médico da Aviação Aviation Medical Service Unknown Lost
1939 Favela Slum Unknown Lost
1940 Cisne Branco White Swan Unknown Lost
1940 ...E o Circo Chegou ...And the Circus Arrived December 13, 1940 Found
1941 A Sedução do Garimpo The Seduction of Mining October 17, 1941 Found
1941 Entra na Farra Enter the Party February 20, 1943 Partially Found
1942 It's All True - None Partially Found
1943 Samba em Berlim Samba in Berlin February 22, 1943 Found
1944 Berlim na Batucada Berlin at Batucada February 7, 1944 Found
1944 Corações Sem Piloto Hearts Without a Pilot August 22, 1944 Found
1945 Pif-Paf - February 5, 1945 Found
1945 O Cortiço The Tenement July 16, 1945 Found
1946 Caídos do Céu Fallen from Heaven February 25, 1946 Found
1946 O Cavalo 13 The Horse 13 Unknown Found
1947 O Malandro e a Granfina The Trickster and Granfina Unknown Partially Found
1948 Esta é Fina This is Fina February 4, 1948 Lost
1948 Fogo na Canjica Fire in Canjica August 1, 1948 Found
1948 Inocência - August 31, 1949 Partially Found
1949 Eu Quero é Movimento I Want Is Movement Unknown Lost
1949 Pra Lá de Boa Beyond Good February 14, 1949 Lost
1951 Aguenta Firme, Izidoro Hang in there, Izidoro January 29, 1951 Lost
1951 Anjo do Lôdo Lodo Angel April 1951 Found
1952 Era Uma Vez Um Vagabundo Once Upon a Tramp None Partially Found
1952 O Rei do Samba The King of Samba Unknown Found
1952 Está com Tudo!... You Have Everything!... March 1953 Found
1953 É Pra Casar? Is it for Marriage? Unknown Lost
1954 É Proibido Beijar Kissing is Prohibited June 2, 1954 Found
1954 Malandros Em Quarta Dimensão Tricksters in the Fourth Dimension Unknown Found
1955 Trabalhou Bem, Genival! Worked Well, Genival! March 14, 1955 Found
1955 Como Se Faz Um Filme How to Make a Film Unknown Lost
1956 Fuzileiro do Amor Marine of Love April 20, 1956 Found
1956 O Négocio Foi Assim The Business Was Like This December 29, 1956 Found
1956 Quem Sabe... Sabe! Who Knows... Knows! Unknown Found
1956 O Boca de Ouro The Golden Mouth Unknown Lost
1957 Samba na Vila Samba in the Village March 25, 1957 Found
1957 Tudo é Música Everything is Music May 22, 1957 Found
1957 Um Pirata do Outro Mundo A Pirate from Another World Unknown Found
1958 Com a Mão na Massa Hands-on the Pasta March 17, 1958 Found
1959 Aí Vem os Cadetes Here Come the Cadets August 4, 1959 Partially Found
1961 Por um Céu de Liberdade For a Sky of Freedom November 27, 1961 Found
1962 Vagabundos no Society Tramps in Society November 29, 1962 Found
1970 Salário Mínimo Minimum Wage December 14, 1970 Found
1977 Ele, Ela, Quem? He, She, Who? June 12, 1980 Found



Acabaram-se os Otários footage 1/2.

Acabaram-se os Otários footage 2/2.

Hei de vencer footage.

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