Lynching of Rashaad Staggie (lost on-aired death footage of South African gang leader; 1996)

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This article has been tagged as NSFL due to its disturbing subject matter/visuals.


Rashaad Staggie (right) in 1993

Status: Lost

On August 4th, 1996, Rashaad Staggie, the leader of Cape Town, South Africa's Hard Livings gang, was attacked by a group known as PAGAD (People Against Gangsterism and Drugs.) During the confrontation, members of PAGAD shot Staggie as he stepped out of his white truck, before setting him on fire and watching him burn. Some accounts from eyewitnesses say that members of PAGAD were chanting for Staggie to die as he burned.[1]


Photographer Benny Gool was able to capture photos of the incident,[2] many of which are available online, but a video recording of the event is confirmed to exist, as it was watched in court as evidence.[3] It is unknown who shot the video, but many people who were living in Cape Town at the time recall seeing the video on the news that day, confirming that it does exist.[4] A VICE article from 2011 reports that the incident was filmed on "multiple television cameras," with the same article including what seems to be a frame from the recording, showing the ground with Staggie in the background ablaze.[5]

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