The Magic Adventures of Mumfie (unaired TV series pilot; early 1990s)

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Mumfie Shepperton Studios.jpg

Image from the pilot.

Status: Lost

The Magic Adventures of Mumfie is a lost, early-1990s animated or puppeteered pilot, created by Britt Allcroft at Shepperton Studios. It was the basis for the later-spawned, popular Mumfie animated series.


In the early 90's, Allcroft decided to adapt the Katherine Tozer Mumfie novels for a new generation of children. She first decided to film/animate it at Shepperton Studios, before scrapping it for the series it is known as today.


The only remaining image of Mumfie is an image on the Mumfie Facebook page. Originally, Mumfie wore a blue jacket with a yellow collar and eight buttons, and Scarecrow had ears. The art style also looked closer to the Katherine Tozer books.