Mallory: Circumstantial Evidence (partially found NBC TV movie; 1976)

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One of the characters taking a shower.

Status: Partially Found

"Mallory: Circumstantial Evidence" (Or, "Mallory: In Circumstantial Evidence") was a 1976 made-for-TV movie, meant to be a pilot for a proposed television series on NBC.

The film starred Raymond Burr as the attorney Arthur Mallory, and Mark Hamill as a criminal named (according to Mark's Wikipedia filmography) Joe Celi, who is being convicted of murder. The plot involved Mallory trying to solve the case of the young criminal, who claimed he was jailed unjustly and abused by another prisoner during his jail time.


So far, no video is easily found online. One screenshot can be found on Pintrest, with the source being from Facebook. Following the link to the Facebook page, it leads to a post on a Mark Hamill fan page with a YouTube video possibly being the full movie. Unfortunately, the video has been removed.

There is no clear evidence as to whether or not the movie aired on TV or was actually completed or not. No air date is given, only that it was made in 1976.

More will be added to this article as more research is done. Until then, pardon the mediocrity of this information. Hopefully, this movie isn't actually lost. But with very little evidence of it on the internet, it is hard to tell.

There is an IMDB page for the movie which gives a plot summary, but not much else. There are a few other pages online talking about the movie, but all give much of the same (if not less) information about it than the IMDB page offers.

On March 5th, 2017, a YouTube channel named "Raymond Burr Performing Arts Society" uploaded a Johnny Carson interview with Raymond Burr, one of the lead actors in the movie. At 3:23 to 5:09, a scene from the movie is played.

Cast List

Raymond Burr ... Daniel Mallory

Robert Loggia ... Angelo Rondello

Roger Robinson ... Cliff Wilson

Mark Hamill ... Joe Celli

Peter Mark Richman ... John Shields

A Martinez ... Roberto Ruiz

Eugene Roche ... Bob Lattimer

Allan Rich ... Judge Paul Pieter

Philip Sterling ... Richmond

Joyce Easton ... Sandra Wiley

Cliff Emmich ... Ron Weimer

William Lucking ... George


Clip from Johnny Carson video (starts at 3:23).

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