Maria Marten, or the Mystery of the Red Barn (lost British drama film; 1913)

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Advertisement for the film.

Status: Lost

Maria Marten, or the Mystery of the Red Barn is a British silent drama film, released in December of 1913. The film was written and directed by Maurice Elvey, and stars Elisabeth Risdon, Fred Groves, Douglas Payne. It was based on the 1827 Red Barn Murder, and was one of several films released based on the subject during the silent era.[1][2]

Plot and Recording[edit | edit source]

The plot revolves around a landowner, William Corder, and his mistress, Maria Marten. She becomes pregnant, and demands that he marries her, which he plans to elope with her in Ipswich. William has her disguise herself as a boy, and arranges that they meet at a barn. When she arrives, he kills her, and buries her body. He lies that they were married before his disappearance, and that she was still alive after the fact for awhile. Maria's mother dreams about her, and starts an investigation that leads to Corder's arrest and eventual execution.[3]

The film was said to be filmed on location of the actual murder, which is thought to be unique to any other adaptions of the murder to film.[4]

Availability[edit | edit source]

The film, much like any other Motograph Film Company films, has not survived. While there are no film fragments or stills of the three reels survived, there are a few surviving articles and advertisements, along with a small press book that has survived.[5] The British Film Institute (BFI) has listed the film on their 75 Most Wanted Films list, with this entry being the earliest film on the list.[6]

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