Marie-Charlotte (partially found French puppet TV series; 1982)

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Marie-Charlotte (right) and her mother (left)

Status: Partially Found

Marie-Charlotte was a puppet show series that originally aired on French TV channel TF1 in 1982 and was re-screened a few more times in the 1980s.


It was a slice-of-life series, centered on a little girl, Marie-Charlotte, who would discover many facts of life with her parents. It ran for an unknown amount of three-minute long episodes.

The puppets were the creation of Jean Godement, a puppeteer whose many works were common sights on French TV in the 1970s and the early 1980s. Unfortunately, the vast majority of his shows have not resurfaced.

Marie-Charlotte is one of Godement's most obscure shows, and very little evidence of it subsists today, even on the Internet. To this day, only a few screenshots were found until some footage - perhaps a full episode - resurfaced in 2017.

Voice actors included Amélie Morin, Geneviève Fontanel, Jacques Destoop, and Berthe Chernel.

The series isn't standalone, rather, it is a segment on a TV show called Le Village dans les Nuages (French for The Village in the Clouds). It is a series that was created by Christophe Izard, who also created L'Ile aux Enfants (French for Children's Island). The series can be purchased on DVD, meaning that more Marie-Charlotte segments can be found. Additionally, episode 1 of the series has been uploaded to YouTube in its entirety, and it contains a Marie-Charlotte segment.


Episode/clip of the show, found by SuperLindo76.
Episode 1 of Le Village dans les Nuages, which contains a segment of the series.