Marie-Charlotte (partially found French puppet TV series; 1982)

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Marie-Charlotte (right) and her mother (left)

Status: Partially Found

Marie-Charlotte was a puppet show series that originally aired on French TV channel TF1 in 1982 and was re-screened a few more times in the 1980s. It was a slice-of-life series, centered on a little girl, Marie-Charlotte, who would discover many facts of life with her parents. It ran for an unknown amount of three-minute long episodes.

The puppets were the creation of Jean Godement, a puppeteer whose many works were common sights on French TV in the 1970s and the early 1980s. Unfortunately, the vast majority of his shows have not resurfaced.

Marie-Charlotte is one of Godement's most obscure shows, and very little evidence of it subsists today, even on the Internet. Only a handful of screenshots are available to this day and one footage be found.

Voice actors included Amélie Morin, Geneviève Fontanel, Jacques Destoop, and Berthe Chernel.


Clip of the show, found by SuperLindo76.