Mars Needs Moms - Seth Green vocal performance (partially found audio of motion-capture animated film; 2011)

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Movie poster for the film.

Status: Partially Found

Mars Needs Moms is an animated film created by ImageMovers Digital and distributed by Disney. It was released on March 11th, 2011, and was the last film released by ImageMovers Digital before they closed down. It was based on a book written by Berkeley Breathed and is about a disobedient 9-year old named Milo who learns the meaning of family after the Martians abduct his mother soon after he insults her, and plan to kill her and use her for "nannybots". The film was a massive box office bomb (being considered the biggest animated bomb by some, and also listed as simply one of the biggest bombs in film history outright), grossing a mere $39 million against a $150 million budget,[1] and receiving negative reviews from critics.[2]

The Original Voice

In Mars Needs Moms, Milo is played by a child actor, Seth Dusky, but, originally, his lines were recorded by Seth Green, who also did the motion capture for Milo in the film. His lines were originally intended to be used in the film and were even included in one of the first trailers for the film, but, ultimately, the producers of the film thought that Green's voice was too deep and mature for Milo (who is 9 years old in the film), and cut his lines after the release of the first trailers and replaced Green's voice with Dusky's.[3] Green, however, was not upset by Disney's decision to cut his lines, and said he "hasn't been replaced". He even stated the film was always intended to have a child voice Milo, not Green. He commended Dusky's performance as Milo.[4]


Only a small amount of Seth Green's lines as Milo in the film have been released, those being the lines included in the film's first trailer. The DVD for the film does not include his lines as a special feature, and they are unlikely to surface in their entirety to Green's voice being deemed too mature for a 9-year-old, and thus, not important to Disney. All that survives of Green's lines are the ones heard in the first trailer.


The first trailer for the film, featuring Green's voice.

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