Marty (lost musical based on 1955 film; 2002)

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Program cover for the musical, along with a ticket stub for the November 15 production

Status: Lost

Marty began life as a 1953 installment of the Goodyear Television Playhouse written by Paddy Chayefsky, before becoming a 1955 film that won four Oscars out of eight nominations. It tells the story of the titular character, a thirtysomething butcher living with his mother in the Bronx, having resigned himself to the fact that he will remain single while everyone around him is finding love. All that changes when, at a dance, he comes across Clara, a young woman who has also resigned herself to the same thing, and a romance blossoms between them.

In addition to the 1953 and 1955 versions, a stage musical version was created, directed by Mark Brokaw with a book by Rupert Holmes (who replaced Aaron Sorkin), music by Lee Adams, and lyrics by Charles Strouse, and starring John C. Reilly as Marty. It ran from October 18 to November 24, 2002 at the Huntington Theatre in Boston[1], though readings were held as early as 2000.[2] The director intended to have the show come to Broadway, however, this was not to be.[3]

Despite the pedigree of its creators and star, very little information about the show exists online and no video or audio recordings, even professional ones, have surfaced over twenty years later. Only a few photos have surfaced and some of the song titles are known through articles.

Known Songs

Note: the songs are listed in alphabetical order and do not reflect their order within the show.

  • Life Is Sweet
  • My Star
  • Niente Da Fare
  • Saturday Night Girl
  • Whaddya Feel Like Doin’ Tonight
  • Why Not You and Me?
  • Wish I Knew A Love Song


Per Variety:[4]


  • Marty - John C. Reilly
  • Clara - Anne Torsiglieri
  • Mrs. Pilletti - Barbara Andres
  • Aunt Catherine - Marilyn Pasekoff
  • Mrs. Fusari - Cheryl McMahon
  • Angie - Jim Bracchitta
  • Tilio/Bandleader - Alexander Gemignani
  • Virginia - Jennifer Frankel
  • Thomas - Evan Pappas
  • Patsy - Frank Aronson
  • Joe - Joey Sorge
  • Ralph - Robert Montano
  • Leo - Matt Ramsey
  • Bartender/Andy - Tim Douglas
  • Father DiBlasio - Michael Allosso
  • Mary Feeney - Kate Middleton
  • Mr. Ryan - Michael Walker
  • Keegan - Kent French
  • Rita - Shannon Hammons
  • Dance hall patrons - Jim Augustine, Bethany J. Cassidy


  • Director - Mark Brokaw
  • Choreography - Rob Ashford
  • Musical director - Eric Stern
  • Sets - Robert Jones
  • Costumes - Jess Goldstein
  • Lighting - Mark McCullough
  • Sound - Kurt Eric Fischer
  • Orchestrations - Don Sebesky and Larry Hochman
  • Production stage manager - James FitzSimmons
  • Stage manager - Thomas M. Kauffman
  • Huntington Theater Co. artistic director - Nicholas Martin