Masters of the Universe (lost high-quality introductory commercial; 1980s)

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A still from one of the commercials.

Status: Lost

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe doesn't need much introduction. Introduced in 1981 by toy manufacturer Mattel, the series of toys weren't initially successful, however, the introduction of the animated series skyrocketed the brand's popularity. Masters of the Universe was a juggernaut throughout the decade with a popular toyline, cartoon, and various comic series by different publishers. Therefore, it's not commonly known that He-Man had a short animated commercial 2 years before the debut of the accompanying cartoon series.

The short animation was produced by Filmation Studios, who incidentally also produced and animated the massively popular cartoon series. The short animation was conjured up for the very first introductory commercial advertising the toyline. The animation seen throughout the commercial was of a much higher quality than the animation later seen in the cartoon series. It's also worth noting that the characters seen in the commercial were animated to resemble their action figure counterparts. Besides being used in the commercial, the animation was also showcased at various trade shows promoting the series to various networks. While you can find the full commercial on YouTube, it is of a poor visual and audio quality. He-Man aficionado, James Eatock, claims to own a high-quality VHS rip of the commercial, however, he hasn't uploaded the full commercial onto the internet as of the writing of this article.