Midnight Horror School (lost production video of CGI anime; 2000s)

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The Midnight Horror School characters.

Status: Lost

Midnight Horror School was a Japanese CGI kids TV series made by Naomi Iwata in collaboration with Milky Cartoon. It is about a group of strange creatures and their lives in school. The production video for the series is extremely hard to find on the internet.


Sometime around 2016, now-deactivated Tumblr user nsponge200 located a production video of the series Midnight Horror School. The link was reblogged by user dockymhs, which preserved the post even after the original user’s deactivation. The post states,

“I found this production video of MHS episode 1a but with some deleted scenes, and no sound/background music but the voices.”

The post also contains a link to a website for the company ‘Purepics’[1]. These two Tumblr users are the only people noted to have seen this footage before its deletion. It was previously listed under the 2002 section of the Purepics works page, under the title “2002 ミッドナイトホラースクール ミッドナイトホラースクール” It was removed from the Purepics website sometime after Nov 22nd, 2015, found from the last capture on the Wayback page.


The Purepics website is publicly accessible, but the Midnight Horror School page has since been removed from their works portfolio.

The video was originally hosted at this address, but is no longer accessible. A backup of the website exists on the Wayback machine, but the page content is unable to be loaded.[2]

Contact with Purepics has been unsuccessful, and any social media of theirs was last updated on April 19th, 2018.

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