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The logo for the website, which hosted four special animated interviews.

Status: Found

Date found: 23 May 2023

Found by: Eric Yockey

Um Jammer Lammy is a rhythm-based video game that launched on the PlayStation on March 18th, 1999, in Japan. The story is about a guitarist named Lammy, who spends the duration of the story trying to make it to her band's debut concert. It was a follow-up to the video game PaRappa the Rapper, which was released on the same console in 1996. To promote Um Jammer Lammy, a website titled was created. The website contained music, wallpapers, exclusive videos, and more centred around the game and its characters. Despite the website's old age, almost all of the content featured on the site has been archived. However, there exists promotional material in the form of animated interviews that were once lost.

Interviews was a promotional website for the game Um Jammer Lammy. McTV (Milkcan TV) was the second page on the website, where the viewer could watch three special animations. These animations were made exclusively for the website, not only as a way to advertise the game but as a way to advertise a new album titled Make it Sweet! In these animations, interviews are being held with each individual member of Milkcan, the fictitious band of Um Jammer Lammy. Out of the three interviews, they have been recovered, those being Katy Kat's, Lammy's, and Ma-San's interviews. The interviews themselves on the website were extremely short, only clocking in at under twenty seconds each.

Sources such as the PaRappa The Rapper Wiki claimed that characters Lammy and Ma-San each gave their reason to buy the album Make it Sweet! As the character Ma-San speaks in gibberish, it was unknown what her reason for buying the album was. Lammy simply thought that the album was good. The Wiki provided no sources for their claims, however, so prior to Lammy and Ma-San's interviews being recovered, no definite information on their content was available.


As stated previously, was archived extremely well despite its old age. Although the Wayback Machine has archived the website from as far back as the year 2000, there are sources that claim that the website is much older than originally thought. Archived fan sites from the time of the websites launch point that the site was launched closer to June of 1999.[1] The interview with Katy Kat was uploaded in 2010 and is in somewhat poor quality. Sources such as Reddit claim that all three interviews were once hosted on YouTube back in 2010, but were taken down.[2]

On May 11th, 2022, graphic artist Rodney Alan Greenblat, known for making the visual style of PaRappa the Rapper and Um Jammer Lammy, uploaded the Katy Kat, Ma-San, and Lammy short interviews onto his YouTube channel, acknowledging their "lost" status on Twitter.[3]

On May 23rd, 2023, upon the discovery of the arcade version of the game, Um Jammer Lammy NOW!, all three of the interviews in their entirety have been found present on the game's CD-ROM and have been ripped, upscaled and uploaded to YouTube by Eric Yockey (founder of Unit-E Technologies) rendering the interviews 100% found.



An interview with Milkcan's Katy Kat.

An interview with Milkcan's Ma-San.

An interview with Milkcan's Lammy.

A rip of all the cutscenes from Um Jammer Lammy NOW! including the full interviews uploaded by Eric Yockey.

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