Mission 2110 (partially lost live CBBC gameshow; 2010)

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Mission 2110 was a children's game show that ran for two seasons on the British TV network CBBC throughout 2010. Set in a dystopian future where humanity has been mostly wiped out by robots, episodes were often divided into two intermittent sections: a game show section focusing on the young contestants and a story focusing on the shows main character, Caleb (played by Stuart Goldsmith) and his AI guardian, Cybele (played by Lindsay Duncan). Caleb also served as a guide for the contestants, instructing and interacting with them throughout the shows game portions.

The plot of the show took place in the year 2110, 43 years after the machines built to aid humanity revolted, destroying society as we know it. Caleb is the only known survivor, having been placed in status years prior. He has no memory of his life before waking up and spends a large chunk of the show trying to discover how the robot uprising came to be. In each episode, he uncovers more information about the show’s world and discusses his findings with Cybele, a motherly AI who serves to offer both Caleb and the audience exposition. Through the use of time travel technology, he finds young recruits from 100 years in the past, 2010, in the hopes of training them and finding one smart enough to take down the robots once and for all. These training exercises, or 'missions', make up for the games which form the shows main content.

Contestants of the show ranged from 9 and 11, with each season starting with 16 ‘recruits’, divided into groups of 4. The game play section consisted of a variety of mini-games, all of which had the goal of collected 'bio-rods', glowing blue cylinders that formed a sort of point system. A recruit’s progress was measured by how many of these bio-rods they were able to collect. The games ranged from individual to team based and could be either physical challenges such as throwing balls into a net or logic based such as code cracking. All the games were in some way linked to the show’s main story/theme.

Little information on the show’s general reception is available, though the few reviews that are still up suggest it received a mostly positive response. General audiences would go on to compare the show to Raven, another CBBC gameshow with story elements. The camera crew was nominated for a Royal Television Society award for multi-camera work in August 2010, though they didn’t win.

Mission 2110 ended its original run in December 2010. There were rumours of a planned third season, though there doesn't appear to be much concrete evidence. The last time it was rerun was in May 2012. The show is not currently available on BBC iPlayer or through any official source. However, some episodes have appeared online. At time of writing, episodes 9 to 13 of season 1 and episodes 1 to 7 of season 2 are up on YouTube. The educational maths games based on the show are also still available on the BBC bitesize website, though the CBBC website’s expanded universe flash game, The Cycon Archives, also appears to be lost.