Mobb Deep - Murda Muzik (partially found pre-leaked album; 1999)

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Status: Partially Found

Mobb Deep is a hardcore/gangsta rap group based in Queens, New York, who mostly reached their apex from 1995-2000. Mobb Deep during this time was one of the most respected hip-hop groups, releasing classic albums such as The Infamous, Hell on Earth and Murda Muzik.

What's forgotten is that around 1997-98, their fourth album, Murda Muzik, was leaked through Napster, meeting a fate very similar to Lil Kim's The Notorious K.I.M. and Nas' I Am... The Autobiography, in which the album had to be re-recorded, though unlike those albums, much of Murda Muzik's original content was left intact, although some of the lyrics and beats were altered due to re-recording.

Some of these tracks were on a reviewer copy leaked by the well known mp3 scene group RNS. This copy contained voice-overs on the tracks as an anti-piracy measure. A nfo file with more information on this release is available from[1]

Original Tracklist

Below is the original tracklist for Murda Muzik. Those with an asterisk appeared on the actual album for release in altered form. YouTube links are provided if available.

# Title of Song Status Misc. Info
1. Murda Muzik Lost
2. Deer Park ft. Cormega Found Renamed to What's Ya Poison
3. Feel My Gat Blow Found
4. Hoe's Gonna Be a Hoe Found
5. Thrill Me Found
6. Allustrious Lost
7. Where Ya From ft. 8Ball Lost
8. White Lines Lost Renamed to Quiet Storm
9. Where Ya Heart At? Lost
10. You Fuckin' Wit ft. Big Noyd Found Also known as 3 From NYC
11. Thug Muzik Lost
12. The Realest Shit ft. Kool G Rap) Lost Renamed The Realest
13. This One Lost
14. That True Shit ft. Chinky Lost Original had kids singing on the hook, rather than Chinky.

Promo Tracklist

These tracks appeared on the promo.

# Title of Song Status
15. Mobb Comin' Thru ft. Big Noyd Lost
16. Pile Raps Found
17. Fuck That Bitch ft. Big Noyd Lost
18. Nobody Likes Me Lost

Current Status

Currently, its unknown who may be in possession of these tracks. Max, owner of the Hip Hop Isn't Dead blog, claims to own a bootleg, but has never uploaded or written about it in detail, and has been on indefinite hiatus. It's unlikely these tracks will be released, though Mobb Deep has previously remastered older unreleased tracks for re-release, though limited.

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