Moi Renart (found French animated TV series; 1986)

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Moi renart billy clap vhs.JPG

Cover of a rare VHS release by Billy Clap Video.

Status: Found

Date found: 2000s-2013

Found by: The Reynard, Chris Rodriguez, Various users

Moi Renart ("I Reynard") is a French animated series that originally aired in September 1986 on channel Canal+, which produced it alongside animation company IDDH (that also coproduced the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon, Denver The Last Dinosaur and the Back to the Future animated series).

Moi Renart is loosely based on the medieval written stories Le Roman de Renart, known in English as The Tale of the Fox starring Reynard the Fox, with the animal characters in this adaptation being heavily anthropomorphized and set in then-modern 1980s Paris.[1]


A young male fox, Renart, arrives in Paris so that he can make himself a name in the city. Opportunistic, wide-eyed and ambitious, he creates an agency where he claims to be able to do any job, using his wits to trick himself out of any unpleasant situation. He is accompanied by his pet monkey Marmouset, he often clashes with his uncle Ysengrin who is a car salesman, he woos beautiful vixen journalist Hermeline, he gets into trouble with police chief Chanteclerc and his detective Tibert, while also thwarting criminal vulture Moufflard with his henchmen rat Pelé and dog Budvilin.

The series infamously contained some risqué content, such as depiction of sexualized "furry" anthropomorphic animals, and yet was still aired in children's morning programming.

Many characters were also based on famous French 1980s public figures, such as the President Ducoi based on then real-life President François Mitterrand and news anchorman Jules Frénési being based on real-life anchorman Yves Mourousi.

Episode List

# Title Alternate title(s) Status
1 L'aventure de Renart ("Renart's Adventure") Unknown Found
2 L'agence Renart ("The Renart Agency") Unknown Found
3 Les grandes manoeuvres ("Military Exercises") Unknown Found
4 Renart fait sa pub ("Renart Advertises Himself") Unknown Found
5 Le concert Moulio ("The Moulio Concert") Unknown Found
6 La Renarde ("The Vixen") Unknown Found
7 Jess Bomb Unknown Found
8 Renart Big Mac Unknown Found
9 Traquenard ("Trap") Unknown Found
10 Koko de St-Zéphyr Unknown Found
11 Jolibois contre Porkyland ("Jolibois VS Porkyland") Unknown Found
12 L'art de Renart ("Renart's Art") Unknown Found
13 L'affaire du kiosque ("The Newsstand Affair") Votez Renart! ("Vote Renart!") Found
14 Gold Star Radio Bigoudi ("Haircurl Radio") Found
15 Le petit chaperon rouge ("Little Red Riding Hood") Un sacré neveu/L'affaire du collier ("One Heck of a Nephew"/"The Necklace Affair") Found
16 Ô nuages, ô désespoir ("Oh Clouds, Oh Despair") Nuage mortel ("Deadly cloud") Found
17 À la poursuite du radis double ("The Hunt For the Double Radish") Vacances en amoureux ("Lover Vacation") Found
18 Il était une fois Renart ("Once Upon A Time Renart") Drôle de nurse ("Odd Nanny") Found
19 Tartala Bloune Unknown Found
20 Le Renart dans les étoiles ("Renart in the Stars") L'étoile précieuse ("The Precious Star") Found
21 Coup de sang ("Blood Rush") Vampires Found
22 Ciné fric frac ("Breakyn-Enter Movies") Renart cinéaste ("Renart Movie Director") Found
23 Le club des cavernes ("Cave Club") Unknown Found
24 Paris-Kokar ("Kokar Rally") Le Paris-Cocard ("Black-Eye Rally") Found
25 Petits petits petits ("Hey Little Ones") Enfance ("Infancy") Found
26 Big Boom sur les ovnis ("Bangers on the UFOs") Le Film ("The Movie") Found


The series was aired on French TV several times. Originally a Canal+ product, it reaired regularly on public channel France 3 (aka FR3) in the 1990s, and sometimes on M6.

In the late 1980s and 1990s, Moi Renart had some of its episodes released on VHS. However, those tapes have become rare and difficult to find, and some episodes have no known VHS tape releases, mostly from the first half of the seasons. The latter half of the season was released on Fil à Film video editions, that strangely renamed the episode titles. Some of those releases only have tiny images as evidence of their existences.

The series never had a DVD release, reairing in the new millenium or any official streaming distribution. While the opening theme song is fondly remembered by many, the cartoon was never that popular and is at best a cult classic.

Some episode rips were shared on the Internet for years, but were only accessible through peer-to-peer programs, and for a while, only two episodes were on YouTube (episode 1 and 24).

In the early 2010s, user The Reynard ordered online rare VHS tapes of episodes 18, 20, 21 and 22. He got them digitalized and uploaded the VHS rips on YouTube, alongside the peer-to-peer-exclusive episodes. Later, he got contacted by a fan, Chris Rodriguez, who had taped the whole series on VHS and ripped them on DVD, and shared it with The Reynard. Since then, the series can be considered found.



Vieux Roublard ("Wile old fox") music video that is shown in the first two episodes; might be NSFW.



  • According to several YouTube commenters, Moi Renart aired dubbed in Spanish in South-American countries under the title Zorrás.
  • Moi Renart also aired in Poland localized as Pan de Lis. Its Polish dub is also lost.
  • There is a book based on the Tale of the Fox that is also called Moi, Renart, but seems otherwise unrelated. However, one might have influenced the other.
  • The character designer of the show, Pascale Moreaux, also did the character design for the French animated series Clémentine (known as Clementine: A Young Girl and Her Dreams in English). The first episode of Moi Renart shows Clémentine appearing on the screen of Renart's TV watch.

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