Monster Jam World Finals 1 (lost footage of freestyle runs; 2000)

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An image of Nitro's freestyle.

Status: Lost

The Monster Jam World Finals is an event held in Vegas once a year since 2000. In 2019 they changed the location from the Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada to the Camping World stadium in Orlando, Florida.[1]

The Lost Freestyle Runs

While the freestyles themselves were actually seen at the event, 11 of the 14 Monster Trucks that performed were only ever seen in the broadcast and DVD versions of the event, the only trucks that weren't seen in the Pay Per View broadcast of the freestyle portion of the event were WCW Nitro Machine, Reptoid, and Prowler and it's unknown as to why they were cut from broadcast and there's no concrete evidence as to why, as of right now there are mostly photographs of the three trucks' freestyles.

On May 1st, 2019, an email was sent to Feld Entertainment about the event and they replied saying that they'll look for the lost freestyles and put them up on, once they get it up & running.

Trucks Performed That Were Not Seen in Broadcast

  1. WCW Nitro Machine, Score: 19
  2. Prowler, Score: 16
  3. Reptoid, Score: 4[2]


A Video centered on the missing Freestyles as well as some short footage