Monster Safari (partially found stop-motion animated film; 2009)

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Monster Safari (2009)
Screenshot from the "Shorts in a Bunch" version of the film.
Screenshot from the "Shorts in a Bunch" version of the film.
Status Partially Found

Monster Safari is a stop-motion film directed by Mark Caballero and Seamus Walsh and produced by Chris Finnegan of Screen Novelties for the Jim Henson Company. It was being scripted by the founders of, Matt Chapman and Craig Zobel, right before their website went on hiatus in 2009. The film was originally developed as a short for a block of shorts called Shorts in a Bunch, but was expanded into a feature-length project. The plot focused on two bumbling crypto-zoologists who work to save Earth's newly-found monsters from a big game hunter.

Despite being announced in 2009 and still existing on Screen Novelties's website,[1] not much had been heard about the movie for years. Matt Chapman even said on his now-removed Twitter that he fully wrote it with Craig Zobel a while back and currently has no idea what's going on with it now.

On March 8, 2015, the original short surfaced, after finding it's way online in November 2014. The short can be seen on the video on the right as uploaded by Anthony Miller, at the 1:16 mark.


The only released footage from the feature film.
Episode of Shorts in a Bunch, containing the 2007/08 short film version of Monster Safari.


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