Moonzy's Secrets (partially found Russian children's educational TV series; 2010)

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The TV series' logo.

Status: Partially Found

Moonzy's Secrets (Russian: Секреты Лунтика) is a Russian children's educational series that was aired on TV channel "Bibigon" from September 4th to December 26th, 2010. It's a spin-off to 2006 Russian animated series "Moonzy and his Friends" (Russian: Лунтик и его друзья). TV series was inspired by "Good Night, Little Ones!" (Russian: Спокойной ночи, малыши!) and "Sesame Street". At the end of every episodes shown a "Moonzy and his Friends" episode fragments.


Childhood should be happy and carefree! Moonzy and his Friends will share stories from their lives with young viewers and teach children the basics of safety in order to protect them from all possible mistakes[1].


  • Moonzy (Russian: Лунтик)
  • Skip (Russian: Кузя)
  • Dottie (Russian: Мила)
  • Woopsie (Russian: Вупсень)
  • Poopsie (Russian: Пупсень)
  • Granny Annie (Russian: Баба Капа)
  • Grandpa Stringer (Russian: Шершуля)


  • Director: Alexander Makov
  • Writers: Ekaterina Galdobina & Dmitry Shmidt
  • Producer: Sergey Selyanov
  • Music: Mikhail Koshevarov & Sergey Zykov
  • Production Designer: Galina Filatova
  • Studio: OOO "Toy-Mark" & TV Company "STV"

Search Efforts

On July 30th, 2020 Luiscake user published a post about "Moonzy and his Friends" puppet episodes on Moonzy Wiki[2]. The TV series' page was found on official Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation with information about studio, director, release year etc[3]. Active searches begin on March 23th, 2021 in Discord server of Russian "Lost Media Wiki". Four screenshots of the TV series are found on[4]. Mentions of "Moonzy's Secrets" was found by SirDoodle on various Moonzy forums and fan sites. The first mention of TV series' air date was found in TV Schedule of September 4th, 2010[5]. On April 25th, 2021 2 episodes of 26 was found by Fantom TV1 user from archived pages of Official Moonzy's site[6][7]. From 1st episode survived only 9 minutes and from 2nd episode is 8 minutes. On May 19th, 2022 other 4 screenshots was found by Андрей7655 user on forum[8]. Screenshots of TV series' episodes was shot in 2010 on Canon PowerShot SX100 IS camera[9]. On August 25th, 2022 Durachok2008 user wrote message to TV Channel "Carousel" about presence of TV series in their archive. Later, the TV channel responded that they didn't have the TV series[10]. On June 4th, 2023 scripts of all episodes was found by jr user from Discord server of Russian "Lost Media Wiki" and they are uploaded on June 5th, 2023 to MEGA. On June 10th, 2023 behind the scenes stills was found.


Probably, the questionnaire played a cruel joke with the TV series[11]. On's page of "Moonzy's Secrets" it was possible to leave comments. In the bottom there was also a questionnaire to fill out with next questions:

  • Did you like TV series?
  • Did you like characters (puppets)?
  • Did you like decorations?
  • Did you like script?
  • Will you watch this TV series on Bibigon?
  • How old are you?
  • Your gender?
  • How many children are there in your family?
  • How old is your child?

Most of the comments from users were negative who criticize the TV series for the fact that puppets of the characters looks creepy. Interestingly, on the Wayback Machine archive pages from December 14th, 2010, all comments on the pages of both episodes were deleted[12][13].

Cartoon with Moonzy

Cartoon with Moonzy (Ukrainian: Мультик з Лунтiком) is a Ukrainian children's TV series that was aired on TV channel "TET" in 2014. This TV series was similar to "Moonzy's Secrets". Costumed characters from "Moonzy and his Friends" acted various scenes and after that shown "Moonzy and his Friends" episode. Aired 100 episodes of this TV series. Unlike "Moonzy's Secrets" all episodes of "Cartoon with Moonzy" are available on official 1+1 TV channel site[14]. This TV series aired on morning.


Currently, only 2 episodes, 8 screenshots of TV series, TV Schedules, behind the scenes stills & scripts of all episodes are available online.


# Episode Title Status Found by
1 What is Safety? Found (script), Partially Lost (9 minutes of episode) Fantom TV1 (episode), jr (script)
2 What We Play at Home? Found (script), Partially Lost (8 minutes of episode) Fantom TV1 (episode), jr (script)
3 Handmakes Found (script) jr (script)
4 In the Bathroom Found (script) jr (script)
5 Safety in the Kitchen Found (script) jr (script)
6 Home Alone Found (script) jr (script)
7 Assistants Found (script) jr (script)
8 The Microbes Found (script) jr (script)
9 Drugs Found (script) jr (script)
10 Why We Must Put Away Toys? Found (script) jr (script)
11 Electricity Found (script) jr (script)
12 Watch Out! Fire! Found (script) jr (script)
13 Dangerous Crates Found (script) jr (script)
14 Stop! Car! Found (script) jr (script)
15 How to Cross the Road? Found (script) jr (script)
16 Playing Near the Roadway Found (script) jr (script)
17 Behavior at the Bus Stop Found (script) jr (script)
18 Road Signs Found (script) jr (script)
19 In the Playground Found (script) jr (script)
20 Picnic Found (script) jr (script)
21 Caution, the Sun! Found (script) jr (script)
22 Near the Water Found (script) jr (script)
23 Mushrooms Found (script) jr (script)
24 Don't Spoil Your Eyesight! Found (script) jr (script)
25 First Aid Found (script) jr (script)
26 Yay! Feast! Found (script) jr (script)



A 9 minutes of "What is Safety?"

A 8 minutes of "What We Play at Home?"


DiZimain's video on the subject (in Russian)

V-Land's video on the subject (in Russian)

SOIKAC's video on the subject (in Russian)


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