Most Annoying People (partially found BBC Three series; 2006-2011)

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Most annoying.png

Title card for Most Annoying People 2009.

Status: Partially Found

Most Annoying Person was a British television programme that was broadcast on BBC Three from December 27th, 2006 to December 26th, 2011. Narrated by television and radio presenter Richard Bacon and was shown during the end of the year. The show counted down the 100 "most irritating" people of said year, with celebrities, pop stars, trends, and politicians included.

The show includes an assortment of comedians, journalists and celebrities (some of which were on list) commentating about each entry. Since they had a run time of 3-5 hours, they were split into 2 or 3 episodes with the other half of the countdown list airing tomorrow after.


5 of the 6 episodes are considered lost, and it is very difficult to find full version of them other then small clips on YouTube. Searching episodes before 2009 gives little to no information. At one point, UK users could watch them on-demand using BBC iPlayer but are now unavailable.[1]

On May 18th, 2020, the full episode in 4 parts of Most Annoying People 2009 was found on Veoh. The episodes were uploaded to the Internet Archive for preservation.

Episode List

# Episode Title Start Date End Date Status
1 Most Annoying People 2006 Dec 27th, 2006[2] Dec 28th, 2006 Lost
2 Most Annoying People 2007 Dec 22nd, 2007[3] Dec 23rd, 2007 Lost
3 Most Annoying People 2008 Dec 27th, 2008[4] Dec 29th, 2008 Lost
4 Most Annoying People 2009 Dec 27th, 2009[5] Dec 28th, 2009 Found
5 Most Annoying People 2010 Dec 27th, 2010[6] Dec 28th, 2010 Lost
6 Most Annoying People 2011 Dec 26th, 2011[7] Dec 27th, 2011 Lost



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