Mumblebumble (partially found animated series; 1999)

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A promotional image for the series

Status: Partially Found

Mumblebumble (often stylized as Mumble Bumble) is a Canadian-Danish animated television series created by Christian Skjøtt and produced by Egmont Imagination and CINAR (now WildBrain). The series lasted 65 five minute episodes and ran on CBC in Canada.[1]


Narrated by Harry Standjofski, the series follows the adventures of a blue, happy-go-lucky hippopotamus (the titular MumbleBumble), and his friends, including Chic'o the chicken, and Greens the frog. Other recurring characters include Oink the pig and Roc the crocodile.


Only the opening and closing credits, as well as the episode "A Cloudy Day" in both English and Italian, have been found in January of 2019. Shortly after it has been discovered that 10 episodes of the series have been released through three DVDs released by Direct Source Special Products from around 2006-2007. The DVDs in question are "Kids' Holiday Jamboree,"[2] "Travel and Fun all in One,"[3] and "Get on Board for Fun and Learning."[4] These three DVDs are compilations of other Cookie Jar owned programs such as Mona the Vampire and The Country Mouse and the City Mouse Adventures. However, these DVDs are also out of print and hard to find.

On June 2nd, 2019, a YouTube user by the name of TVShoaz has uploaded all 10 of the episodes released on DVD onto his channel and can be accessed via a playlist.[5]


The episode "A Cloudy Day".
The opening to Mumblebumble.
The closing credits to Mumblebumble.

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