Mystery Fun House (lost commercial of tourist attraction; 1977)

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Mystery Fun House 1977 commercial still1.jpg

A still of the beginning of the commercial.

Status: Lost

Mystery Fun House was an tourist attraction in Orlando, Florida, USA which opened from March 28, 1976 to February 18, 2001.

A commercial of the attraction aired in May 1977 in the Central Florida area, but only a few screenshots survived. A child actor from this commercial Tracy B. sent a message to the Big Florida Country founder Scott Jensen that he posted it on the Big Florida Country page:

"Scott, Here are the pictures that I told you about. The first one is of the wizard which is how the commercial started. The one with me and my sister were taken to the disco room. Not the best quality, but not bad considering the pictures were taken right off the television as the commercial was airing. My dad would call the television stations in advance so that he could know exactly when the commercial was scheduled to air so that he could get his camera ready. Take care, Tracy".[1]

It is unknown if anyone has a copy of the commercial.