Nintendo Pennant Chase Baseball (cancelled Nintendo GameCube baseball game; 2005)

Nintendo Pennant Chase Baseball
Cover art to the game, featuring the Boston Red Sox's David Ortiz.
Cover art to the game, featuring the Boston Red Sox's David Ortiz.
Status Lost

Nintendo Pennant Chase Baseball is a cancelled 2005 Nintendo GameCube exclusive sports game that was developed by Exile Interactive and was to be published by Nintendo. Before the game's release was delayed "indefinitely", the game was shown at E3 2005 and the game was originally expected to be released on April 4th for $49.99.[1]


The game was an officially licensed MLB product with all real-life teams and ballpark stadiums from the present and past planned to be featured in the game. The game was planned to have a "speed play mode" where players would use their stats as both the batter and pitcher to play a fast-paced version of baseball.[2]

According to IGN, there was also a "Rookie of the Year" mode where players can create their own baseball player and have them join a real-life baseball team of the player's choice.[3]

Delays and Cancellation

The game was originally announced to be released on April 4th to coincide with the MLB's opening day where the Boston Red Sox face off against the New York Yankees, but was later delayed to June 13th for unknown reasons.[4]

Soon after the game was shown at E3 2005, the game's release date was announced to be delayed "indefinitely" on the game's new expected release date of June 13th.[5]

In a 2010 interview with Silicon Era, the game's senior engineer Steve Snake stated that the game was "completed and passed submission, but was not released."[6]

To this day, no builds of the game have been leaked to the public and all that currently exists online about the game are some screenshots and the game's E3 2005 trailer.


The game's E3 2005 trailer.


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