Noah (partially found unreleased Christian animated film; 2008-2013)

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The logo for the unreleased film.

Status: Partially Found

Noah or Noah's Ark: The New Beginning was an unreleased animated film developed by Huhu Studios and Promenade Pictures and was based on the Christian biblical story of "Noah's Ark".


The plot of the movie was going to be heavily focused on the animals, much like 2007's Noah's Ark. The film was about Gilbert, a groundhog who lives in the deepest holes out of anyone in his groundhog society. Gilbert is in love with another groundhog named Caroline, who was about to marry another groundhog that lived in the upper crust of the holes, until it began to flood. A pair of doves then come to Gilbert, telling him about the upcoming flood and the ark, so Gilbert lies to Caroline to get himself and her to safety while getting away from the groundhog that would have been Caroline's husband. Said lie soon spreads around, and as a result, Gilbert has to lead an entire menagerie of animals to the ark.[1] While all of this is happening, Noah is tasked by God to build the ark and protect the animals and his family from the great flood.

Some reports say that Gilbert and Caroline were actually meerkats, however, no official source has confirmed that this is true.


Noah started production most likely in 2007, after the studio's first film, The Ten Commandments, was released. Noah was going to be written by Ed Naha and directors Bill Boyce and John Stronach. It was going to feature voice stars such as Michael Keaton, Rob Schneider, Jason Lee, and Elliot Gould.[2] Some trade reports stated that the film was going to have some musical numbers in it, but the sources never stated who was going to be producing or writing the music for the film.

The film was going to be originally released on November 22nd, 2009. Over time though, it got delayed further and further until a January 2012 release, which unfortunately never came. The last report of any release date was in the year 2013.

In 2012, a test for an opening sequence for the film was uploaded to animator Feotus' Vimeo page. In 2013, a trailer appeared on the official Huhu Studios Vimeo page, stating that the studios are looking for completion finance for the film and claims that they have a "fantastic script to make the definitive animated Noah's Ark movie."

As of February 2018, there has been no official footage or concept art revealed other than what may be seen in that trailer, which has since been deleted off of Vimeo. However, footage of the trailer has been found in animator Aimee Spice's animation reel.


Opening sequence test animation.

Footage for the trailer (Starts at 0:28).

Footage from the film (0:35-0:48).

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