Norman's Ark (partially found Lithuanian-British animated series; 1995)

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The official logo for the series.

Status: Partially Found

Norman's Ark (Lithuanian: Normano arka) is a 1995 Lithuanian-British sci-fi adventure animated series created by Phil Litter. It is considered the first hand-drawn animated series in Lithuania.

Main Information

Little else is known about this series, Norman's Ark was never officially released on VHS or DVD and proofs of its existence is only on books about Lithuanian animation[1].

The 13 episode-series had an episode runtime of 15-minutes[2]. With the exception of production crew and year of release, the voice actors are currently unknown.

In Russia, the series was broadcast from May 21st until June 6th, 1996 on ORT (now Channel One) with dub of now-defunct Selena International company. The people who watched this animated series called it "witty & funny"[3] and also noted its feature is a unusual draw and animation style[4].


A planet, known as Berth, had exploded. Fortunately, citizens of Berth had escaped from Berth's explosion lead by blue-haired brother called Norman[5] (according to another information: his name was Adam[4]) and his pink-haired sister called Norma[5] (according to another information: her name was Eve[4]). With aliens and people of planet Berth, they are in an expedition to search their parents in the vast space.

Production Crew

  • Writer, Director & Producer: Phil Litter
  • Art Direction: Valentas Aškinis & Audra Matukienė[6]
  • Animators: Valentas Aškinis, Audra Matukienė[6], Ramūnas Graželis[7], Jūratė Leikaitė[8] & Skirmanta Jakaitė[9]
  • Music: Mike Stanley
  • Layouts: Gary Hender
  • Sound Post Production: The Music Works & Ten-Pin Alley
  • Editors: Lisa Harney & Mark Talbot Butler
  • Voice Characterisations: Gary Martin
  • Animation Studio: Vilanima Studios of Lithuania
  • Production: Treehouse Productions & Alar Investments, Ltd.

Famous Plots of Episodes

NOTE: The plots are based on the stories of people who watched this animated series and may not be accurate or false.

  • On one of the episodes, a yellow alien named Newton got irradiated with the space radiation during sunbathing and turned glowing green. The main characters were to search a cure to make the Newton's now-green color go back to his natural color[5].
  • On one of the episodes, the spaceship was low on fuel so they landed on a gas station planet. At the end of the episode, there was a giant chasing the spaceship. The main characters were thinking that the giant is going to eat them where in reality he was going to give them a bonus cup for using the station services[5].

Search Efforts

On July 12th, 2015, a now-deleted user on VK published a message about an unknown animated series that was broadcasted on Channel One in the 1990s but the message was largely ignored[10]. Later, on February 22th, 2018, on the forum, user Tapsik published the thread about Norman's Ark[11]

On December 10th, 2018, Reddit user ILWrites posted on the subreddit r/TOMT (Tip of My Tongue) memories about this animated series with new details: "brother called Norman and sister called Norma were travel with animals on red spaceship with legs, for searching of new house." After his publication, comments are filled with links to animated series that were mistaken for or looks like Norman's Ark (for example: Unysses 31) but every link from Reddit users was debunked by ILWrites[5].

On September 20th, 2022, Russian YouTuber Alexander Kulikov (aka Cooleach88) found Valentas Aškinis's page on Facebook and wrote message to him[12]. Valentas promised to Alexander that he would find the animated series on his VHS cassettes, but this never happened[12].

On May 5th, 2023, user ALEKS KV uploaded on YouTube first two episodes in Russian dub. Two months later, on July 11th, 2023, user of the Russian Lost Media Wiki's Discord server, PrestigiousLynx4378, sent an e-mail to State Television and Radio Fund (Gosteleradiofond). Later, Gosteleradiofond replied that they have only materials that was made before 1995.

On July 17th, 2023, the same user sent a message to Television Centre "Ostankino". A day later, on July 18th, 2023, Ostankino replied on the user's query that it is better to contact the Gosteleradiofond, Gosfilmofond & Soyuzmultfilm. In August 2023, messages were send to BFI National Archive, Central State Archive of Lithuania, and Vilnius Regional State Archive, but the animated series wasn't in their archives. Central State Archive of Lithuania suggested to contact the creator or with Lithuanian Television.

On April 3, 2024, user RithiuM207 uploaded on YouTube 7th episode "The Race".


Found Episodes

The episode "Bang Bang" (in Russian)

The episode "Jungle" (in Russian)

The episode "The Race" (in Russian)


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