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UPDATE 2.72! (Added 16 Jan 2018)
Sally English dub, courtesy of TOMYSSHADOW and Skip Elsheimer from A/V Geeks
Lost Media Chronicles Episode 56 - Thomas and the Magic Railroad
Johnny Kemp Reading Rainbow theme, courtesy of Drew Trachier

What's up guys, it's me, dycaite, back with another exciting notice board post! First off, I just wanna give a special thanks to kobo for filling in for me on the previous notice board; it was a big one too, so massive props for doing that dude! Without any further ado, let's see what's new:

  • A familiar face returns to the Lost Media Chronicles with a new episode! In this instalment, Trey covers the topic of the highly sought-after lost content from Thomas and the Magic Railroad; check it out via the above embed (and while you're there, give Randy and his team a thumbs up and a subscribe if you haven't already, they work hard on these videos)!
  • The Johnny Kemp Reading Rainbow theme has been found! The video, found just under a week ago by YouTuber Drew Trachier can be seen above, albeit in low, handheld quality; still, it's much better than nothing! Thanks Drew! Here's hoping a higher quality version surfaces at some point.

That's it for today, a nice little one to tide you all over until next time ;)

'Til then, cyas!