Number 13 (lost footage from unfinished Alfred Hitchcock film; 1922)

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The only known production still of the film.

Status: Lost

Number 13 (also known as Mrs. Peabody) is an uncompleted 1922 Alfred Hitchcock film. It would have been his directorial debut and would have been written by Anita Ross (who claimed to be associated with Charlie Chaplin) produced by Gainsborough Pictures, and starred Clare Greet (who helped fund the movie) and Ernest Thesiger.[1]

Filming took place in London, UK, and what little is known about the story is that it centered around poor, low-income residents of a building that was founded by George Foster Peabody and financed by the Peabody Trust.

Production Problems

Originally, Hitchcock's uncle, John Hitchcock, had funded the movie. When these funds ran out, Clare Greet gave some money to the film (which helped her to star in six of Hitchcock's future films). However, these funds then ran out after about two reels of the movie were filmed, leading production to be canceled outright.

Hitchcock rarely talked about the film, but when he did, he described the experience as "somewhat chastening" and claimed that the film wasn't very interesting overall.


The two reels that were filmed have not been released in any form and are consequently highly desired by film collectors and historians. The likelihood of the reels surviving is not high as the film wasn't finished, Hitchcock's interest in the film had died down, and in movies in general, and how at the time they were considered disposable unless they were very profitable.


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