O Kaiser (lost Brazilian first animated film; 1917)

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Kaiser short film frame.jpeg

The only surviving frame of the film.

Status: Lost

O Kaiser is a 1917 Brazilian animated short film directed by Seth, pseudonym of Álvaro Marins. It is considered the first Brazilian animation. Premiered on January 22nd, 1917, at Cine Pathé.[1]

In Brazil, very short animations have been produced since 1908. However, Kaiser is considered the first true Brazilian animation because it was "conceived in a complete and systematic way, based on a narrative with a beginning, middle and end," and because it used a "complex technique."


Emperor Wilhelm II places a helmet on a globe, which represented control over the world. The globe grew and swallowed the German leader.[2]


The film has since been considered lost forever, with only one frame of it surviving. In 2013, the documentary Luz, Anima, Ação, by Eduardo Calvet, recreated Kaiser, with the collaboration of eight animators.[3]


Recreation of the film.

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