Oh, Dear! (found Jiwook Kim animated short film; 2004)

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Image found on a recording from Nextoons 2005.

Status: Found

Date found: 30 Jun 2022

Found by: MattyXarope

Oh, Dear! is a short created by Jiwook Kim in 2004, in her third year at CalArts. Jiwook is known for her pilot short Blackford Manor, and is currently married to Patrick McHale of Over the Garden Wall fame.

Its most notable appearance was the Nicktoons Film Festival 2005, where most first attribute to seeing the short. This is backed up by a Nicktoons bumper, where the only currently available footage of the short can be found.


The current synopsis we have of the short as sourced from the Nextoons Film Festival DVD listing is as follows;

"While an old lady watches TV, her cat witnesses the odd goings on in the living room."


The short was first shown publicly at a CalArts Character Animation exhibition in 2004 and thankfully is listed as being saved in their library.[1] However this is only accessible to the students and faculty of CalArts, and it’s unclear if they would be able to redistribute the film.

The short also made an appearance at the Nextoons Nicktoon Film Festival. We can see the short listed on the Screening 6 DVD cover, where we get the runtime of the short. The DVD was available for purchase for those attending the festival. CalArts seemingly hosted a version of the film for some time, or at least more stills, from what is left of Jiwook Kim’s student page. Oh, Dear! is listed among her films on this webpage, but is not accessible on the Wayback Machine.

Its appearance at the 2005 Nextoons Nicktoons Festival was the reason it was broadcast on Nicktoons Network, as a promotional contest where viewers could vote online for their favorites. The air dates of these shorts would have been Saturday, August 26th, 2006, through Wednesday, August 30th, 2006.[2] It is unclear in what order they appeared in.


On June 19th, 2022, Reddit user u/TheCamSlam made a post in r/lostmedia discussing the short in question.[3]. Twelve days later on June 30th, 2022, Reddit user u/MattyXarope uploaded the short in full to archive.org and to Reddit[4]. According to u/MattyXarope, it was found on a recording of the episode during the film festival.


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