Oh Yeah! Cartoons Fairly OddParents (found redubs of animated Nickelodeon shorts; 1998-2001)

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Fairly OddParents logo from Oh Yeah! Cartoons.

Status: Found

Date found: 11 Jun 2019

Found by: SpongebobVEVO - unofficial/iTunes

The Fairly OddParents originally was part of a series of ten animated shorts that premiered on Oh Yeah! Cartoons. Out of all the shows, only three were picked up by Nickelodeon to receive a full series. These shows were: Chalkzone, My Life as a Teenage Robot and The Fairly Oddparents.



Timmy's original voice actress for the Oh Yeah! Cartoons series was Mary Kay Bergman, who unfortunately committed suicide in her apartment on November 11th, 1999, after suffering from anxiety and depression. This led to voice actress Tara Strong for taking over the role of Timmy Turner for the main series, as well as redubbing all episodes from the Oh Yeah! Cartoons series.

Eventually, all ten episodes from Oh Yeah! Cartoons were released on VHS with the original voice. All redubs by Tara Strong would occasionally air on Nickelodeon in the early 2000s, leading to most redubs becoming lost. However, on very rare occasions, the show would air on the Nicktoons channel with Tara's voice.

Episode Title Status
The Fairly Odd Parents! Found
Too Many Timmy's Found
Where's the Wand? Found
Party of Three! Found
The Fairy Flu Found
The Temp Found
The Zappy's Found
Scout's Honor Found
The Really Bad Day! Found
Super Humor Found