Omer and the Starchild (partially found English dub of French animated series; 1997-1998)

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Omer and the Starchild VHS.jpg

VHS cover of the original French show.

Status: Partially Found

Omer et le Fils de l'Étoile or Omer and The Starchild was a French animated sci-fi series that made its debut on Canal+ in France in 1992 and went into syndication on TF1 the next year. It was also broadcast in Poland, Russia, the Netherlands, and Iceland. It starred Omer, a sentient earthworm who lived on Earth under the rule of tyrannical monsters, hoping that the prophecy of a savior arriving from beyond the stars will come true.

An English dub was produced at some point and shown in the early morning hours on Cartoon Network UK around 1997-1998,[1] and likely aired on other channels as well. However, the dub not resurfaced since it's initial airing.


In 2013 a fragment from the English dubbed intro had surfaced on to Youtube and later in 2014 the full version of the intro was found.

A lot of dubs to many cartoons are done by quieting down the original audio then dubbing over that so often times the original audio can be heard underneath. Thus It is theorized that the Russian dub (or other dubs) may have some of the English audio underneath but the videos that are currently online (aside from the theme song) are dubbed in a foreign language and don't have any trace of English audio. Though every single episode that is currently online, (Surprisingly even the original French ones.) have English titles and credits.


The show's Full English intro.
A shortened version of the English intro.