Original Diner Guys (lost unreleased accompanying documentary for Barry Levinson movie; 1999)

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Diner 1982.webp

Poster for the original 1982 movie, Diner.

Status: Lost

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In 1982, director Barry Levinson released his breakthrough film, Diner. The semi-autobiographical film was set in 1959 and followed six friends meeting up in a Baltimore diner during the last week of 1959. Though the characters were fictional, Levinson based them on people he would meet at his local diner. The inspirations for the characters were immortalized in a companion documentary entitled Original Diner Guys. The documentary was filmed between 1990 and 1997 and followed the titular "diner guys" as they staged various reunions over the years. It was put together in 1999 but may have been screened someplace in 2000 as that year is what Letterboxd has for their listing for the film.[1]

It was screened at least twice, in March 2004 at the Isis Theatre in Aspen, Colorado, during the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival; at that point, Levinson still had no idea what he wanted to do with the film.[2] It is known to exist on 35mm film, but has never been released publicly; therefore, it can be considered lost.