Ouaaahh!!! (lost animated pilot; 2000)

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IMG 1078.JPG

The main cast from the pilot.

Status: Lost

Ouaaahh!!! is a lost animated pilot made by EVA Entertainment and was created by Federico Vitali (creator of Lava Lava and Guano!). The plot is about NASA engineers sending an unmanned craft to inform others that there is intelligent life on planet Earth. The plot description of the pilot is as follows:

"A few people thought that little green men would be the answer to their call. Of course, they were wrong. The film tells the story of three helpless aliens who travel to Earth in search of intelligent life and go back with… a stupid mutt."

The studio is unknown. A few members of the pilot are known, such as Federico Vitali (Director/Author), Jerôme Vitiello (Author), and Steve Walsh (Producer). The network it aired on is unknown as well.