Our Man at St. Marks (partially found Australian TV sitcom; 1963-1966)

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Status: Partially Found

Our Man at St. Marks (Our Man from St. Marks in season 4) is a partially found T.V. sitcom from the 1960's. It's production company was Rediffusion London, which was a franchise holder of ITV. The company shutted down in 1968.


Rev. Andrew Parker, a vicar at a church, having situations with his group. (Premise of Season 1)

Rev. Stephen, a vicar at a church, having situations with his group. (Premise of Seasons 2-4)


Season 1

# Episode Name Plot Status Notes and Airing
1 The Facts of Life Parker is writing his sermon, while the members are preparing for a party. Casey thinks she's having a baby because Johnny kissed him but Parker further discusses it with her. Found Episode is a two parter, originally found in 2008 (Aired September 25, 1963)
2 A Joyful Noise Lost (Aired October 2, 1963)
3 Holier than Thou Lost Had Annette Andre as a character named Jackie Hawkins (Aired October 9, 1963)
4 Side by Side Lost (Aired October 16, 1963)
5 A Previous Conviction Lost Freddie Jones, known for his role in David Lynch's The Elephant Man, stars as a character called George Gregory, and this is his 9th role in a TV show (Aired October 23, 1963)
6 The Man Who Came to Lunch Lost Peter Thomas, known for his role in Dr. Who (1966) as Captain Edal, stared as a delivery man, and this is his 26 role on TV. (Aired November 13, 1963)
7 The Executive Lost The last episode that Andrew Parker is in. (Aired November 27, 1963)

Season 2

# Episode Name Plot Status Notes and Airing
1 Quite Nice in Amsterdam On the day of his arrival, the new Vicar finds himself at cross-purposes with the redoubtable Mrs. Peace. Partially Found ( Aired April 16, 1964 at 7:30 pm)
2 The Desk Lost ( Aired April 23, 1964)
3 Brother Midnight A lonely black boy asks Stephen about joining the youth club. Partially Found ( Aired April 30, 1964 at 7:30 pm)
4 The Runaway Lost ( Aired May 7, 1964)
5 Gillian's Day Lost ( Aired May 14, 1964)
6 No Bank for Sid Lost ( Aired May 21, 1964)
7 A Question of Tactics Lost Anthony Blackshaw, known for his role in the 1960's television series The Avengers as Davis, stars as a character named Tom (Aired May 28, 1964)
8 Too Good to Be True Lost Eric Dodson, known for his role in the 1960 TV show adaption of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer as Mr. Walters, stars as a character named Mr. Frost (Aired June 4, 1964)
9 Rainbow's End Lost Patrick Barr stars as a character named Mr. Broome. (Aired June 11, 1964)
10 We Do It on Saturday Drama enters into the Vicars life, while Mrs. Peace has an adventure on her own. Partially Found Linda Marlowe, known for her role in the 1974 exploitation film Big Zapper as the main character Harriet, stars as a character named Vivienne. (Aired June 18, 1964)
11 Smoke Without Fire In which the Rev. Stephen finds himself the subject of malicious gossip, with almost fatal results. Partially Found Aired on June 25, 1964 at 7:30 pm.
12 Harry the Yo-Yo Rev. Stephen catches a burglar red handed and leaves him rather red in the face. Partially Found Aired on July 2, 1964, at 7:30 pm.
13 The Pleasure of Your Company Thanks to the well intentioned efforts of Harry the Yo-Yo, the course of true love nearly comes to a standstill. Partially Found Aired on July 29, 1964 at 9:10 pm

Season 3

# Episode Name Plot Status Notes and Airing
1 A Funny Thing Happened to Amanda Lost Aired on April 26, 1965
2 The Invader Lost Nicholas Selby, known for his role in the Roman Polanski's Macbeth as Duncan, plays a character named Brother Joseph. (Aired May 3, 1965)
3 Four Hundred Years' Thick Lost Francesca Annis, known for her role as Jessica in David Lynch's adaptation of Dune, stars as a character named Frances Harding. (Aired on May 17, 1965)
4 Storm in a Cocoa Cup Lost Aired on May 31, 1965
5 One Lost Aired on June 7, 1965
6 A Question of Degree Lost Aired on June 14, 1965
7 Pay Now, Live Later When Mrs. Peace decides to take out an insurance policy the Rev. Stephen finds himself unexpectedly involved. Partially Found Aired on June 21, 1965 at 9:10 pm
8 Ninety-Nine and Objection Sustained Lost Freddie Jones stars as a character named Benson. (Aired June 28, 1965)
9 Edie's Acre Lost Fay Compton, known for her role in Robert Wise's The Haunting as Mrs. Sanderson, stars as a character named Eddie Russell (Aired July 5, 1965)
10 The Galloping Major Lost (Aired July 12, 1965)
11 Know Thine Enemy The day-to-day problems of a country vicar are complicated by something unusually serious, an invasion of black magic. Partially Found Godfrey Quigley, known for his role in Stanley Kubrick's Clockwork Orange as Prison Chaplain, plays a character called Father Patrick (Aired July 19, 1965)
12 The Yo-Yo Again Harry Danvers, or Harry Yo-Yo, a long time grave digger, suffers from a fall from grace into the arms of a magistrates court. Partially Found Aired on July 26, 1965 at 9:10 pm

Season 4

The series is renamed to Our Man from St. Marks.

# Episode Name Plot Status Notes and Airing
1 The Fall of the House of Lawther Stephen Young has been promoted as Archdeacon. Partially Found Michael Gwynn, known for his role in the 1960 version of Village of the Dammed as Major Alan Bernard, plays a character named Rev. Michael Lawther (Aired July 4, 1966)
2 Love All Lost ( Aired on July 11, 1966)
3 The Peppermint Man Lost ( Aired on July 18, 1966)
4 The Silent Village Stephen's attempt to discipline John Spencer is finally brought to nothing, by the concerted action of The Peppermint Man's parishioners. Partially Found (Aired July 25, 1966 at 10:30 pm)
5 The Talking Machine In which Stephen Young becomes involved in local politics and finds himself in a battle with the member for Lyncheaker. Partially Found Aired on August 1, 1966 at 9:10 pm
6 Night Call A rainy night, a half wrecked car, and the Archdeacon having to deal with a most unusual case of the eternal triangle. Partially Found (Aired on August 8, 1966 at 9:10 pm)
7 Holy Yo-Yo Harry Danvers achieves his life ambition to be allowed to wear a cassock, though- alas, not for long. Partially Found Aired on August 18, 1966 at 8:25 pm
8 Are You There? Stephen accidentally finds himself involved in a contact with Spiritualism. Should Mr. Dexter be allowed to ruin his life by clinging to a contact with the Reyond? Partially Found Peter Copley, known for his role in the 2005 film Oliver's Twist as a dining hall master, stars as a character named Mr. Dexter. (Aired August 22, 1966 at 9:10 pm)
9 Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die The visit of Mrs. Peace's little niece to the Anthdeaoonry almost leads to a fraces between Stephen and The Bishop. Partially Found Aired on August 29, 1966 at 9:10 pm
10 Ships that Pass Lost Aired September 6, 1966
11 My Uncle Oswald Lost Aired September 12, 1966
12 When Will They Ever Learn? Lost Aired September 19, 1966
13 Christmas Special: There Are More Things... Lost Aired December 28, 1966


The episodes were believed to be lost until YouTube user retunerman uploaded the first episode of the first season in the form of 3 separate parts on June 27, 2008.[1] Dailymotion user Peters200 combined the 3 separate parts in the full episode and uploaded it on January 2, 2018. To this day, the episode The Facts of Life is the only known full episode to be found. Graeme Wood, a TV enthusiast, published some of the TV schedules that the lost episodes of the show were published in, the first one being published by him on April 16, 2018.[2]




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