Outlaw Star (partially lost Toonami edit of anime; 2001)

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One of the few existing images of the Toonami edit.

Status: Partially Lost

In 2001, an edited version of the anime Outlaw Star was broadcast on the American Cartoon Network. The show had new lines recorded and footage digitally edited in order for the show to receive a "TV-Y7" rating.

While the majority of Toonami's edited versions such as Blue Submarine No. 6, Gundam Wing, Yu Yu Hakusho and Tenchi Muyo! were released in edited formats on home video, this edited version was never officially released on VHS or DVD for unknown reasons, leaving it lost to time. One possible reason for this may be because of errors in editing that occurred during the initial run, such as the word 'bastard' slipping through in one episode. However, it was broadcast on Adult Swim in 2002.

There have however been reports of people receiving the Toonami edited version on bootleg DVDs, as well as the edited dub of the episode "Maze of Despair" playing as part of the Toonami April Fools event on Adult Swim on April 1, 2012. Another episode was found via a recording on the Internet Archive. The edited version of episodes 6 and 19 were found via recordings of the Adult Swim broadcasts.

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