PB&J Otter (found original credits sequences of Playhouse Disney animated series; 1998-2000)

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Title card.

Status: Found

Date found: 19 Oct 2022

Found by: Disney+

Although the entire PB&J Otter series has resurfaced after Disney Junior rebroadcast it in the USA from 2012-2013,[1] many of the episodes' original credits instrumentals remain at large. Originally PB&J Otter credits sequences featured instrumentals of the songs featured in the episodes (or in rare cases, background music) but due to Disney Junior shrinking and muting the credits in reruns, several of these are missing. Thus far, only Season 3's credits instrumentals have surfaced online as off-air recordings from Playhouse Disney Asia (albeit some with 1-2 seconds cut off) along with select instrumentals from the other two sequences from various off-air recordings. A few of these come from off-air Greek recordings, although these recordings cut off before the closing logos are shown, rendering these incomplete and the full versions lost.

The likelihood of these showing up on YouTube is low due to OtterFan25 (who had previously uploaded many of the show's credits instrumentals), getting two copyright strikes from Dan Saywer for his videos, meaning anybody who uploads these is at risk. However, a few videos from wrightgirl11 remain along with other users' uploads of episodes with credits at the end.

Credits instrumentals remain at large for 19 episodes and at least six of the found instrumentals were cut off early.

In September 2022, it was announced PB&J Otter would be added to Disney+ on October 19th, along with Bear and the Big Blue House.[2]

On October 19th, 2022, the show was uploaded onto Disney+, rendering the remaining lost or partially found credits instrumentals found.[3]

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