Palmetto Pointe (partially found PAX/i TV drama series; 2005)

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Status: Partially Found

Palmetto Pointe is a teen drama that aired during the PAX network's transition to i: Independent Television. Produced by Sky Entertainment Group and Kearns Entertainment, it aired from August 28 to October 16, 2005.


The series starred Tim Woodward Jr. as Tristan Sutton, Brent Lovell as Logan Jones, Sarah Edwards as Millison Avery, Madison Weidberg as Lacy Timberline, Will Triplett as Josh Davidson and Amanda Baker as Callah O'Connell. John Wesley Shipp guest-starred on an episode, playing Michael Jones. Palmetto Pointe was set in Charleston, South Carolina, where it was filmed. It had a sponsorship deal with soft drink company Cheerwine, whose products were shown in each episode.

Seven episodes of the show were produced, two of which were never aired. Due to the poor production values, the show ended in bankruptcy; the cast and crew failed to receive their final paychecks.

The only footage of Palmetto Pointe that has made its way to the internet is a collection of four promos uploaded by Platypus Comix. No full episodes are known to circulate.


Four promos for Palmetto Pointe.