Paseo Del Mar (lost live landslide footage of California road bridge; 2011)

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The landslide as of now.

Status: Partially Found

Paseo Del Mar is a street across San Pedro Los Angeles, California. When the US Military first occupied the place, in the 1910s, with military bunkers entitled Fort MacArthur, (which were in use during the First and Second World War) the bases were decommissioned in 1974, for home-neighbourhood expansion. Ever since the street Paseo Del Mar became a friendly place, the long bridge was repainted and cleaned up.

However things would soon change when in October of 2011, the bridge began to shake slightly, and cracks in the road appeared, so construction road workers began patching it up. Then came the bridge's death knell, when on November 2011 the bridge broke apart. Safety regulators had closed down the road on both ends, to keep people safe. From November 15th-21st 2011, the bridge was destroyed by a landslide.[1]

On November 21st of that morning, news reporters stormed around the streets of San Pedro, filming the landslide incident on live TV, such as the BBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, and KTLA 5 networks. Meanwhile, on KTLA 5, reporter Eric Spillman was interviewing Democratic senator Janice Hahn to discuss the matters of the landslide stability, and her concern about the homes on the other side of the road, however the original footage itself is proven to be lost, that being the only record in its existence being the YouTube video from SanPedroNewsPilot.[2] The other news film reel incidents from the BBC, NBC, and ABC reports are also lost, because of losing supportive data.[3] [4]


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