Pavement "Terror Twilight" (lost tracks of album from indie rock band; 1999)

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Pavement TerrorTwilight.jpg

The front cover of Pavement's fifth and final studio album, Terror Twilight.

Status: Lost

In 1999, American indie rock band Pavement released their final record, Terror Twilight. Produced by the infamous perfectionist Nigel Godrich, the album received mixed reviews due to its largely "overproduced" sound and lack of musical focus.[1]

Despite Pavement frontman Stephen Malkmus being very open in sharing the band's outtakes and unfinished material, three songs that were recorded for the record have never been released. They are Civilized Satanist, Dot Days, and For Sale! The Preston School Of Industry.

For Sale! The Preston School Of Industry was written live on TV as part of a special about the songwriting process, which has resulted with a legal battle between the band and the station after the band attempted to release the track on a Terror Twilight re-release.

Civilized Satanist contains unauthorized samples of the band Moby Grape, and thus would be illegal to release. There has not been an official statement on why Dot Days remains unreleased.