Pepper Ann (partially found Nickelodeon pitch pilot of Disney animated series; 1996)

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Pepper Ann pilot title card.png

The pilot's title card.

Status: Partially Found

Before Pepper Ann was green-lit by Disney, Pepper Ann was in development at Nickelodeon, and an animated pitch reel was produced. However, during the development process, Linda Simensky, a Nickelodeon executive who brought Sue Rose to Nickelodeon, and was the main supporter of the project, left for Cartoon Network. Due to this, Nickelodeon passed on picking up the show.[1] Sometime during the development process at Nickelodeon, the executives asked creator Sue Rose to re-design the characters to look less like Fido Dido, a popular cartoon character who was also created by Sue Rose. Mr. Warburton, the show's eventual lead character designer, was brought in to re-design the characters.[2] One of Mr. Warburton's early designs of Pepper Ann was used for the pilot.




Promo for "Disney's One Saturday Morning" which contains clips of the pilot.

Another early promo for the show that contains different clips of the pilot.

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