Pinoy Thriller (lost Filipino horror TV series; 1986-1989)

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Status: Lost

Pinoy Thriller was a Filipino horror TV series aired on IBC-13 in the 1980s. It became iconic to Filipinos during that time due to its episodes that time which delves into different Filipino mythical creatures.

Information[edit | edit source]

Pinoy Thriller delves into ghosts, lost souls, tikbalangs, kapre, and other mythical creatures.[1] The series is also known for this iconic chant, which is also included in the intro and recited by a female child with echoing effects and chorus of restless souls:

Ano ang nasa dako paroon

Bunga ng malilikot na pag iisip
likha ng balintataw
O halaw sa isang daigdig ng Kababalaghan
Di Kayang Ipaliwanag

Ngunit alam mong magaganap

It is also known that Robin Padilla starred on one of the episodes of Pinoy Thriller, in which he starred as a witch piercing a needle to a doll.[2][3] Several episodes were recalled by eyewitness, such as the lady in an antique mirror, Mangkukulam (which Robin Padilla starred), Taong Ahas, Putol na Daliri, Impakto, Agnas, an episode with a headless person, and a Badaf Killer episode.[4]

Due to its popularity, rival station GMA partnered with Regal to produce another iconic horror show, Regal Shocker. However, this show delved into gore more than its rival. It also delved more into zombies and makeup effects by Cecila Baun.[5]

Availability[edit | edit source]

The show was aired every Thursday on IBC-13 in the 1980s.[6] However, no full episodes or even scenes have yet resurfaced. A recreation of the intro was made by YWIWY in August 2020.

Videos[edit | edit source]

Recreation of the intro

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